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Overall Plan of the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District

Lower Minnesota River Watershed District
A revision of the first Lower Minnesota River Watershed District plan adopted in 1961, this document includes a description of the district; projects and policies concerning lakes, streams, open space, pollution ,siltation, groundwater, recreation, hydrology, flooding, and navigation; and future project priorities. Appendices include details on the individual lakes and streams within the watershed.

Where the Untamed Hand of Nature Fits a Civilized Glove

Winckler, Suzanne
Examining the Minnesota Valley national Wildlife Refuge, a 7,000-acre protected area along the lower Minnesota River, this article provides information on events surrounding the 1976 formation of this urban refuge. Management challenges such as the preservation of fens and the control of mosquitoes are also discussed.

Water Resource Inventory of the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District

Itasca Engineering, Inc.
Produced to provide background information for a revised overall plan for the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District, this report includes detailed sections on the watershed's lakes and streams; specific pollution problems (e.g., sewage, landfill, and agricultural); ground and surface water; hydrologic conditions; flooding; and recreational, industrial, and public aspects. Each section provides recommendations for future action; recommendations are also categorized by the agency or group that would find them of interest. Numerous maps and charts illustrate the text.

Lower Minnesota River Study 1963-1964: Report on the Investigation of the Lower Minnesota River and Tributaries from Carver Rapids to the Mouth.

Minnesota Department of Health - Division of Environmental Health, Section of Water Pollution Control
This investigation of the lower Minnesota River and its tributaries form Carver Rapids to the Mississippi River was conducted for use in planning, and to provide the basis for classification and adoption of water quality standards.
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