Floods of April-May 1969 in Upper Midwestern United States

Anderson , David B
This report provides hydrologic data relating to flooding in the upper Midwestern U.S. in the spring of 1969. Background is provided on climatological events leading up to the floods, and on flood protection efforts. Details are presented for specific flood areas, including the Minnesota River Basin. Data are reported for suspended sediment, magnitude and frequency, flood discharges, and stream flow. Aerial photographs illustrate flooding conditions.

Overall Plan of the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District

Lower Minnesota River Watershed District
A revision of the first Lower Minnesota River Watershed District plan adopted in 1961, this document includes a description of the district; projects and policies concerning lakes, streams, open space, pollution ,siltation, groundwater, recreation, hydrology, flooding, and navigation; and future project priorities. Appendices include details on the individual lakes and streams within the watershed.
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