Minnesota River Basin Water Quality Pollutants

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Major Pollutants of Concern in the Minnesota River Basin

Here are some parameters that provide insight into the condition of the waterways in the Minnesota River Basin. It is important to remember that chemical measurements are only part of the overall water quality picture. Visual surveys, biological surveys, and historical research are also important to assess stream conditions.
  • Nutrients such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen are essential for plants and animals, but too much can cause harmful effects.
  • Sediments can cloud the water (increase turbidity) which can hamper the growth of aquatic plants.
  • Dissolved oxygen is essential for animals living in the waterways.
  • Bacterial contamination can pose a health risk for individuals exposed to this water.
  • Toxics can affect the growth, survival, and reproducibility of benthic organisms.
  • Pesticides are detected in Minnesota River Basin waterways.















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