Mystery / Intriguing Sites

Mystery/Intriguing Sites
A boiling springs . . . petroglyphs on the prairie . . . second oldest family brewery in the nation . . . a 9,000 year old skeleton . . . birthplace of Sears . . . are just a few of the amazing and intriguing places you can visit in the Minnesota River Basin.  Encompassing close to 20 percent of Minnesota, this basin has much to offer when it comes to natural, historical and cultural significant sites.

Eagle Creek and Boiling Springs - Pools of water bubble up in Eagle Creek, one of the last remaining self-producing brown trout streams in the Twin Cities.

Seminary Fen - Named for a former seminary, this calcareous fen is one of the rarest types of wetlands and has received some protection through a 106-acre Scientific and Natural Area (SNA).  Photo below by Terry Schwalbe.

Jeffers Petroglyphs - Discover carvings of petroglyphs – humans, deer, elk, buffalo, turtles and more left by American Indians.

Gneiss Outcrops Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) - Approximately 3.6 billion years old, the Gneiss Outcrops SNA is a great place to explore the light colored to pink rocks and other unique features like a natural lake and threatened species.

August Schell Brewing Company - Go for a tour of the second oldest family owned brewery in the country to experience the unique history of the Schell’s Brewery.

Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway - Check out additional unique and special sites to see in the Minnesota River Basin.