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The media plays an important role in the effort to improve water quality of the Minnesota River Basin. Check out what is happening through a diverse selection of media sources that range from newspaper articles to videos to newsletters to presentations to publications to much more.  We also want to hear from you.  Go to our blog if you have a comment on anything related to the Minnesota River or want to share a media source with others.

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Read the latest stories about the Minnesota River in the news. Here are just a few of the stories being written about the Minnesota River Basin and the effort to understand and protect our natural resources.  To keep abreast on what is happening in the basin and beyond sign up for the Minnesota River Weekly Update, an electronic newsletter serving as a clearinghouse.

News Feature: - Minnesota Public Radio recently launched a series of articles focusing on "Cleaning Minnesota Waters.

The Minnesota River Weekly Update covers relevant issues, events/workshops, grant opportunities, job announcements, water quality information, natural resource-related articles among other items.

To sign up for the Weekly Update:

Past issues can be found at Minnesota River Weekly Update


View the many diverse videos about the Minnesota River and tributaries.  Learn about the river from a variety of people that have watched the river change over many years:
"River Revival Working Together to Save the Minnesota River" by producers John Hickman and Jon Carlson

Take a tour and learn about the history in the Minnesota River Basin from long time Minnesota River residents. Interviews are captured with video clips and maps:Interviews of Longtime Residents

Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance's "Thinking Big About the Great River and Lake Pepin at the St. James Hotel in Red Wing on April 26, 2011 - (located on the lower left-hand side of the web site)

Minnesota Agricultural Water Resources Coalition's Sediment Seminar at Mankato, MN on June 24, 2011 -

Video Feature: Upland Water Retention for Improving Drainage and Water Quality:

Archival Videos can be found at Videos


River Talk is a quarterly, 14-page newsletter that provides a snapshot of what is happening across the Minnesota River Basin.  This newsletter focuses on the human side of life in the basin and helping translate a unifying voice of citizens and organizations working hard to improve and protect water quality.  Current Issue can be found at: Spring 2012, Vol VI, Issue 1

Archival Issues can be found at River Talk newsletters

Watershed Newsletters

High Island Creek and Rush River Watershed Project publishes a quarterly newsletter called the River Watcher highlighting what is happening in the two watershed including conservation practices, citizen groups, TMDLs and other activities - Summer of 2004 (Vol 1, Issue 1)

Archival Issues can be found at Watershed newsletters


Learn more about the Minnesota River Basin through presentations that cover a wide range of topics including geology, history, biology, water quality, etc. 

Feature Presentation: The Minnesota River and its Response to 10,000 Years of Hydraulic Change -

Archival Sources can be found at Presentations


Explore numerous animations that depict natural characteristics of the Minnesota River Basin.

flash icon Early Explorer's Journal: Joseph Nicollet (5.5 mb)

flash icon Glaciation (0.5 mb)

flash icon Valley Formation & River Warren (0.5 mb)

flash icon Interactive Hydrograph (3.2 mb)

flash icon Wetland Loss (1.1 mb) 

flash icon Wetland Restoration (1.6 mb)

flash icon Lakeshore Development (6.0 mb)



Explore portions of the Minnesota River Basin on a virtual tour. More are currently in development.

Google Earth Flyover of Basin

Minnesota River Virtual Tour

High Island Creek Watershed Tour

Little Cottonwood River Tour

Rush River Watershed Tour

Seven Mile Creek Tour



Browse our monthly archive of reports, news releases and other publications related to the Minnesota River Basin.

Feature Report: No Consistent Declines in Nitrate Levels in Large Rivers in the Mississippi River Basin (August 9, 2011):

Archival Sources can be found at Publications


Share your view and opinions (like fishing, exploring, paddling, etc) at the on what is happening in the Minnesota River Basin along with articles, videos, newsletters, presentations, publications, etc. with the public and those working to improve this important and beautiful river.