The Watonwan River

Haycraft, Julius E.
Written by a lifelong resident of the region, this brief history of the Watonwan River, one of the major tributaries of the Minnesota, includes anecdotes about ferry and mill activities along the river, descriptions of two early river towns, selected historical events, and depictions of well known residents. The river itself is described only briefly.

A Biological Rport on the Upper Watonwan River Watershed: Cottonwood, Watonwan, and Brown Counties

Nelson, Roy D.
Providing information on watershed conditions and wildlife habitation within the Upper Watonwan watershed, this report contains brief descriptions of topography, soils, scale, climate, and land use, as well as a more extensive section of fishery and wildlife habitat, population, and hunter use. It offers recommendations for fishery and wildlife management in relation to the use of retention sites and channeling for flood control.

Place Names - Watonwan River

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Watonwan River
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