Flood Control

At the Bend in the River: An Illustrate History of Mankato and North Mankato

Lundin, Vernard E
This history examines the development of Mankato-North Mankato from 1852 to 1990, with a concentration on industries, businesses, churches, schools, institutions, organizations, culture, public health, and recreation. A chapter entitled "The River Is Conquered" addresses the issue of flooding by the Minnesota River, and Mankato's various efforts at flood control culmination in the construction of a system of walls and dikes in 1987. Numerous photographs illustrate the text, and a brief bibliography is appended.

A Biological Rport on the Upper Watonwan River Watershed: Cottonwood, Watonwan, and Brown Counties

Nelson, Roy D.
Providing information on watershed conditions and wildlife habitation within the Upper Watonwan watershed, this report contains brief descriptions of topography, soils, scale, climate, and land use, as well as a more extensive section of fishery and wildlife habitat, population, and hunter use. It offers recommendations for fishery and wildlife management in relation to the use of retention sites and channeling for flood control.
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