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Title Author Publication Datesort descending Publisher Location Keywords Source
Experimental Incubation of Fish Eggs in a Moist-Air Envrionment Olson, Donald E. 1981 MDNR
Fish Egg Incubation, Walleye, White Sucker
Changes in Sediment Storage in the Coon Creek Basin, Driftless Area, Wisconsin, 1853 to 1975 Trimble, S 1981 Science 9
A limnological Compilation of water quality of the Minnesota River watershed, in Minnesota Feind, T 1981 University of Minnesota, Water Resources Research Center
Minneapolis , MN
SEDIMOT II: A design hydrology and sedimentology model for surface mined lands. Wilson, B.N 1981 University of Kentucky
Lexington , KY
Flood Control Minnesota River, Minnesota, Mankato-North Mankato- Le Hiller: Final supplement II-B to the final environmental impact statement for bridge relocations: Main Street Trunk Highway 60 bridge over the Minnesota River between mankato and North Ma Dept of Army, St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers 1982 Dept of Army, St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers
St. Paul , MN
Management of Ponds for Bait-Leeches in Minnesota Peterson, Dirk L 1982 MDNR
Bait-Leech, Pond, Otter Tail County
Project River Bend, Six County River Management Plan 1982
Minnesota River Watershed Water Quality: An Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution MPCA 1982 MPCA
Roseville , MN
Minnesota River Nonpoint Study 1982 MPCA, Division of Water Quality
The effecs of altered nutrient loads on the Upper Mississippi River chain of lakes in the vicinity of Bemidiji, Minnesota Trihey , Patrick T 1982 MPCA
Roseville , MN
Water quality investigation of the county ditch 59-Cannon River Watershed, Le Sueur County, Minnesota Larson, Timothy J 1982 Mankato State University
Mankato , MN
Minnesota's Geology Ojakangas, Richard W 1982 University of Minnesota Press
Minneapolis , MN
Geologic History, Mineral Resources, Regional Geography
A study of trends in total phosphorus measurements at stations NASQAN network Smith , R.A. 1982 USGS
Reston , VA
Chronology of late-Wisconsinan glaciation in middle North America: Quaternary Science Reviews Clayton , L 1982
An assessment of cultural influence of lakes of south central Minnesota by short core sediment analysis Olson, John S 1982 Mankato State University
Mankato , MN
The impact of wetlands and drainage on water quality in an agricultural watershed in south central Minnesota Larson-Albers, Catherine E 1982 Mankato State University
Mankato , MN
Final Supplement II-A to the Final envrionmental impact statement (as amended 18 January 1972), Minnesota River, MN, Mankato-North Mankato-Le Hillier flood control- phase I: Proposed plan for the alteration or relocation of state highway 169/60 bridges ov Dept of Army, St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers 1982 Dept of Army, St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers
St. Paul , MN
Techniques of trend analysis for monthly water quality data Hirsch, R.M 1982 Water Resources Ressearch
Comprehensive Master Plan for the Management of the Upper Mississippi River System 1982 Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission
Changes in flood response of the Red River of the North Basin, North Dakota-Minnesota Miller, Jeffrey E 1982 USGS
Bismark , ND