Old Fort Snelling: 1819-1858

Hansen , Marcus L
Originally published in 1918, this volume explores the history of Fort Snelling as a frontier military post, a role it fulfilled form 1819 to 1858. The author addresses early exploration of the region, Pike's discovery of the site, construction of the fort, and its forty-year role in frontier events. He describes daily life at the fort and identifies significant individuals in its history. Additional issues covered include interaction with American Indians, the fur trade, missionaries, and the impact of the fort on settlement in the valley.

The Expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike: To the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, Through Louisiana Territory, and in New Spain, During the Years 1805-6-7

Coues , Elliot
Originally published in 1810, these volumes present observations from Pike's military explorations into the Louisiana Purchase territory during the first decade of the nineteenth century. The first of these trips was from St. Louis up the Mississippi River to its headwaters, for the purpose of siting military posts and negotiating with Indian tribes. Although Pike traveled only a short distance up the Minnesota River from its mouth, this edition includes several extensive editorial notes on the history of the discovery of the river and the various European and Indian names for it.
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