American Indians

Three Score Years and Ten,' Life-Long Memories of Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and Other Parts of the West

Van Cleve, Charlotte Ouisconsin
Written by the daughter of military officer, born on the journey west, this book addresses life at Fort Snelling, as well as experiences at military installations in other parts of the country. The author discusses the construction of the fort's facilities, interaction with American Indians, significant individuals (officers, their families, and visitors), and daily life at the fort (e.g., schooling, social events).

Old Fort Snelling: 1819-1858

Hansen , Marcus L
Originally published in 1918, this volume explores the history of Fort Snelling as a frontier military post, a role it fulfilled form 1819 to 1858. The author addresses early exploration of the region, Pike's discovery of the site, construction of the fort, and its forty-year role in frontier events. He describes daily life at the fort and identifies significant individuals in its history. Additional issues covered include interaction with American Indians, the fur trade, missionaries, and the impact of the fort on settlement in the valley.

Citadel in the Wilderness: The Story of Fort Snelling and the Old Northwest Frontier

Jones, Evan
This book explores the history of Fort Snelling and the major individuals and events associated with it, drawing on primary sources such as the writings of Taliaferro, Beltrami, Leavenworth, and Snelling. The author discusses such issues as interactions between the military and American Indian tribes, the role of the fort in fur trading, and missionary activities. Lists of sources for each chapter are provided, and drawings illustrate the text.
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