Minnesota River Valley

Henderson Then and Now in the Minnesota River Valley

Deis, James
This extensive volume presents a history of the Minnesota River Valley town of Henderson. Organized by topic, the work addresses pre-town river valley history, the founding of Henderson, Sibley county development, military events, business, education, religious life, organizations, celebrations, social life and recreation, agriculture, townships, and family life. A bibliography is appended.

The Journals of Jonathan Carver and Related Documents, 1776-1770

Parker, John
This work presents the major manuscript sources for Jonathan Carver's Travels through the Interior Parts of North America in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1768, as well as an informative introductory essay discussing the circumstances surrounding the journey and subsequent publication of the travel book. The journals provide descriptions of the lower Minnesota River valley (vegetation, wildlife, and surrounding lands) and its native peoples.

Ginseng Rush in Minnesota

Lass, William E
This article discuses the history of the ginseng "boom" that took place in Minnesota, including the lower Minnesota River Valley, in the late 1850s. the gathering of wild ginseng root for sale to markets in China was a major economic activity for the region, and helped to mitigate the impact of a financial depression following the bank failures of the Panic of 1857. Ginseng became known as the "weed that saved Minnesota." The author also describes the ginseng market following its boom period, and the shift form wild to cultivated ginseng in the early twentieth century.

Creativity, Conflict and Controversy: A History of St. Paul District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Merritt, Raymond H
This narrative history of the St. Paul District of the Army Corps of Engineers examines the role of the Corps in water-resource development and management, including the conflicts over what that role should be. A section on the Minnesota River discusses early river navigation, government river surveys, the failure of proposed dam projects, and the fight over constructions of channels to increase commercial river use. Additional issues, such as the early exploration of Minnesota, including the Minnesota River Valley, and the role of the Corps in pollution and flood control, are also discussed.

Minnesota's Major Historic Sites: A Guide

Holmquist, June Drenning
This book consists of descriptions of 45 historic sites in Minnesota, including several located in the Minnesota River Valley: Fort Snelling, Lac Qui Parle Mission, Traverse des Sioux Treaty site, Lower and Upper Sioux Agencies, and Fort Ridegly. Each entry includes maps, drawings, and photographs.

The Minnesota River Valley

Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Resources Committee
Intended to provide background for consideration of legislative proposals for natural and recreational resource development in the Minnesota River valley, this report presents basic information on the watershed, tributaries, soils, land use, irrigation, hydropower, pollution, river studies, and projects, and recreational development. Brief recommendations are made concerning forests, comprehensive planning, recreation, and water supply. Maps depicting the locations of proposed and existing recreation areas, existing wildlife management areas, and proposed scenic parkways are included.
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