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Title Author Publication Date Publishersort ascending Location Keywords Source
Minnesota's Ground Water Condition: A Statewide View MPCA 2007
Minnesota Drinking Water- EPA
Pesticide Sales Information Search Minnesota Department of Agriculture 2008
Ground water pore-pressure influences on stream restoration Magner, J.A.
Global Climate Change and its Impact on Minnesota Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 2007
Diatom Assemblage Structure as an Indicator of Stream habitat Condition in the Minnesota River Watershed A Richards, C 1994
Groundwater website MDNR 2009
Elderly Minnesotans: A 2000 Census Portrait Minnesota State Demographic Center 2004
National Tapwater Database
The Minnesota River Basin: Hydrologic Overview and Assessment of Spring Resurges B. Magner, J.A. 1994
National Pesticide Information Center webesite Oregon State University and USEPA
Glacial story of Minnesota River Valley Apitz, Darrel F 1975
Flood Control Planning City of Mankato 2007
Mankato , MN
Characteristics of Sediments, Settleable Solids and Water Quality of Stormwater Runoff in the Minnesota River Watershed Proctor, B 1993
Minnesota Housing Prices, 2007-2008 Minnesota State Demographic Center 2007
Population, Housing, Housing Prices
Implications of rural Minnesota's changes demographics Minnesota Planning 2000
Prairie Protection Website MDNR 2007
Drinking Water Protection
Minnesota River Assessment Project Summary Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 1994