Fish Community Analysis in the Minnesota River Basin

Fish Community Analysis in the Minnesota River Basin
Bailey, P.A.
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J.E. Enblom, S.R. Hanson, P.A. Renard, K.S. Schmidt
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The MRAP fish study used the index of Biological Integrity (IBI) and habitat quality to assess the status of the Minnesota River Watershed's fish community and measure pollution impacts to the system. The first consideration the researchers needed to address was the establishment of biological criteria for the Minnesota River Basin. It was determined that an IBI score of 30 would be considered the criteria. 116 sites were then sampled using electrofishing techniques. 6.3% of the sites were rated excellent, 21.2% of the sites were rated good, 35.4% were rated average, 25.7% were rated poor, 10.6% were rated very poor and .9% of the sites had no fish. Habitat quality was correlated with IBI scores and habitat problems such as sediment and channel modifications were regarded as major impairments of fish communities as the sampled sites.
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