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Title Author Publication Date Publishersort descending Location Keywords Source
Minnesota National Lakes Assessment Project: Pesticides in Minnesota Lakes Minnesota Department of Agriculture 2008
Fish Consumption: Safe Eating Guidelines Minnesota Department of Health 2009
The urban environmnet: Minneapolis-St. Paul indicators Environmental Protection Agency 2003
Aerial Photography Methodology MRAP Level IV-Land Use Berg, D 1992
Minnesota River CREP Easement Summary by County BWSR 2009
Elderly Minnesotans: A 2000 Census Portrait Minnesota State Demographic Center 2004
Streamkeeper's Field Guide-Watershed Inventory and Stream Monitoring Methods Murdoch, Tome 1991
Citizen Monitoring Program website MPCA 2008
Stone Lake State Park Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2009
Floods and Droughts: Minnesota National Water Summary 1990
Minnesota Frog and Toad Calling Survey (MFTCS) Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2009
Progress on a Long Voyage: Decades of Improvement in Minnesota River Water Quality Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 2007
St. Paul , MN
Ground water pore-pressure influences on stream restoration Magner, J.A.
The proposed lower Minnesota River improvement project Fischer, Robert L 1964
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Natural Resources Conservation Service 2009
Implications of rural Minnesota's changes demographics Minnesota Planning 2000
An Investigation into the existence of an annual "store/flush" mechanism for sediment transport and phosphorus re-speciation within two agricultural drainage ditches in the Minnesota river basin Kronlokken, J. David 2001
Secchi Transparency Trends website MPCA 2008
GSA Bulletin Whiting , PJ 2005