MRBDC Fales-Van Hyfte Reservoir Project


Fales-Van Hyfte Reservoir Project

Minor watershed number(s):   25117

This project is located in minor watershed 25117 located in the Hawk Creek - Yellow Medicine River Major Watershed within Lincoln and Yellow Medicine Counties.

The reservoir is located in Lincoln County.This was an Area II Minnesota River Basin Project completed in 1981. It was sponsored by the Yellow Medicine River Watershed District. The purpose of this project is to create a structure that would provide flood control, swimming, fishing, and wildlife enhancement.


Data Summary Fales-Van Hyfte Reservoir Project is an Area II Minnesota River Basin Project. Information includes construction data, project acreage, pool, storage, and hydrograph data.
Data Description Fales-Van Hyfte Reservoir Project
Data:   Area II Project Data
Format:  Hard Copy File/Map
Status: Complete
Date:  1981
Source (contact):   Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects
Pedigree (originator):  Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects

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