Minnesota River Interviews - Art and Barb Straub

Minnesota River Interviews
Art and Barb Straub - Their Land
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"So, I can remember [as a child] bringing a case tractor underneath this trestle. We have to speak of 15 feet down from here... Over the years, it has filled in with sediment carried down the gullies."

sedimentation by the railroad tracks
straub railroad crossing tractor

Video Text: “When I was about 20 years old, there were two roads coming down to the river. [There was a] road coming down on this side, and that’s where that huge wash out is now, and a road coming down on this side.  [The roads] were pretty much used by the loggers, and the uncles and the grandpas and that kind of thing taking wood out.  So, I can remember bringing a tractor down, and a car, but the car would have been lower, but you know the tractor has the tall exhaust and bringing the case tractor underneath this trestle.  So, we have to speak of 15 feet from these, now this part of the trestle has never been raised, but the railroad track is continually being raised and more rock is being placed under it.  This has been here since before 1900, this limestone right here.  Anyhow, that’s the story. I can still see the case tractor there as we were going underneath, and going up the other side and down to the river.”

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