River Talk Newsletter

The River Talk newsletter is published quarterly in conjunction between the Water Resources Center at MSUM and the Minnesota River Watershed Alliance.  If you have a story idea please contact Scott Kudelka at 507-389-2304 or scott.kudelka@mnsu.edu.

River Talk Issues:

Spring 2007, Vol. I, Issue 1- Brief history of the Minnesota River Watershed Alliance, Permanently Protecting our Sensitive Lands, Minnesota River Summit, Minnesota River Board, Browns Valley Flooding, etc.

Summer 2007, Vol. I, Issue 2 - Early 1960s Oil Spills, MN River Music Project, Paddling the Upper MN River Watershed, Mankato Paddling & Outing Club, Blue Green Algae, etc. 

Fall 2007, Vol. I, Issue 3 - Exploring the Wonderful World of Mussels, Earthrise Farms, Art and Barb Straub, MSUM WRC Interns, etc.

Winter 2007, Vol. I, Issue 4 - Del Wehrspann, Geology of the Minnesota River, Redwood Cottonwood Rivers Control Area, Faribault County Storm Water Management Program, etc.

Spring 2008, Vol. II, Issue 1 - Minnesota River Living Systems Project, Preserving the Seminary Fen, 1919 Rush River Canoe Trip, Friends of the Minnesota Valley, Minnesota River Turbidity Project, etc.

Summer 2008, Vol. II, Issue 2 - Big Stone II Coal Plant, Gneiss SNA, A Geology Hike in Chippewa County, Chaska to Hudson Bay, Voyage Down the Minnesota River,

Fall 2008, Vol. II, Issue 3 - Chippewa River Watershed Project, Lake Crystal Water Quality Project, Voyage Down the MN River Revisited, Sediment and the Le Sueur River, etc.

Winter 2008, Vol. II, Issue 4 - Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, River Chronicles, Rush River and High Island Creek Watershed Projects, Coldwater Springs, Rural Advantage, Mussels of the Chippewa River, etc.

Spring 2009, Vol. III, Issue 1- The Minnesota River and Paddling, Senator Dennis Fredrickson Reflections, Paddling with Joe Michel, Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway, Tatanka Bluffs, 2008 Minnesota River Voyage, etc.

Summer 2009, Vol. III, Issue 2 - River Friendly Community, 1957 MN River Trip, Minneishinona Falls and Charles Smith, etc.

Fall 2009, Vol. III, Issue 3 - Minnesota River Basin Trends Report, Jaus Organic Dairy Farm, MSUM Water Resources Center, Minnesota River Falls, etc.  

Winter 2009, Vol. III, Issue 4 - Minnesota River Experts: An educational field trip onlline, Looking Back at Big Stone II and Forward, Community Clean-ups, Green Corridor Project, Minnesota River Integrated Study, etc.

Spring 2010, Vol. IV, Issue 1 - Senator Fredrickson Retires, City of Fairmont, Henderson Museum for the Birds, Swan Lake Wildlife Association, Erosion on the Watonwan River, etc.

Summer 2010, Vol. IV, Issue 2 - Blue Earth River Paddle & MN River Paddler Program Launch, Ron Bolduan, Conservation Drainage, Canoe the Redwood River, Community Supported Agriculture, etc.

Fall 2010, Vol. IV, Issue 3 - Trends in the MN River Basin, Renville SWCD, Pomme de Terre River and Marsh Lake, Green Corridor Project, Pomme de Terre Mussel Survey, etc.

Winter 2010, Vol. IV, Issue 4 - MN Falls Dam, MN River Watershed Alliance Communication Audit, K.K. Berge Building, Geological Atlas Project, Minnesota River Board Insert, MN River Watershed Districts, etc.

Spring 2011, Vol. V, Issue 1 - Paddling the Minnesota River, River Ranger Program, Minnesota River Paddler Program, Paddling the Rush River, Minnesota River Board Insert, Clean Up the River Environment, A Paddle on the Upper Minnesota River Basin, etc.

Summer 2011, Vol. V, Issue 2 - Progress and the Minnesota River, Hudson Bay Bound, Chippewa River Dam, River Revival documentary, Prairie Biomass Co-op, Prairie and Wetland Research Site, etc.

Fall 2011, Vol. V, Issue 3 - Ask an Expert Project, Ann Raiho and Natalie Warren's paddle to Hudson Bay, Carmen Fernholz and Organic Farming, Minnesota River Sediment, Land Stewardship Project, Chippewa 10% Project, etc.

Winter 2011/12, Vol. V, Issue 4 - Beaver Creek: A Water Quality Success Story, Kay & Annette Fernholz, K.K. Berge Building, Minnesota River Basin Success Stories, Minnesota River Basin Watershed Distircts, Kayaking in the Watonwan River, etc.