Stephen Long

The Long and Beltrami Explorations in Minnesota 100 Years Ago

Christianson, Theodore
This article focuses on Stephan Long's 1823 expedition to Minnesota, on which he brought a zoologist, a geologist, a landscape painter, an astronomer, and a topographer. The author briefly describes participation in the journey by Beltrami, an Italian lawyer and linguist. Also discusses are name origins (including those of the Redwood, Minnesota and St. Peter's rivers), the character of upper reaches of the river, and the Indian village at Big Stone Lake.

The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H. Long: The Journals of 1817 and 1823 and Related Documents

Kane, Lucile
This book presents journals, by Stephen Long and James Colhoun, and other documents related to two government-sponsored mapping expeditions through the Midwestern U.S. and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. The second of these two expeditions, conducted in 1823, included travel by canoe and horseback up the Minnesota River to Big Stone Lake. The accounts include descriptions of the river (width, rapids, islands, and banks), surrounding lands (vegetation, forests, prairie, and Coteau de Prairie), wildlife, major tributaries, geology, and native villages and inhabitants.

Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, and c. performed in the year 1823

Keating, William H
First published in 1824, these two volumes report observations from the 1823 mapping expedition lead by Stephen Long, which included travel along the Minnesota River. Given Keating's official capacity on the trip as geologist, it is not surprising that his account includes great detail about geological characteristics.

The Man with the Red Umbrella: Giacomo Constantino Beltrami in America

Miceli, Augusto P
This book presents the travels and experiences of Giacomo Beltrami in the U.S. in the nineteenth century. Among his many journeys, this Italian soldier, scholar, and world traveler accompanied Major Stephen Long on an 1823 expedition up the St. Peter's (Minnesota) River from Fort Snelling to its source. Beltrami's glowing descriptions of the river valley and his observations of its Indian inhabitants are presented in this volume.
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