Le Sueur

Le Sueur: Town on the River

Randen, Larry C
This history of the Minnesota River town of Le Sueur was compiled as a Bicentennial Horizon History Project. It provides information on pre-town settlement issues of glacial history, American Indian inhabitants, and explorations (particularly by Le Sueur). Town settlement in the 1850s is discussed, covering the topics of naming the town, the first settlers, and immigration. Post-settlement is also explored, including such issues as transportations (e.g, river traffic, roads), natural disasters (e.g., floods, snowstorms), business and industry, education, churches, and town celebrations.

Le Sueur, The Explorer of the Minnesota River

Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society
Utilizing excerpts from an account in a French manuscript entitled "History of Louisiana, by La Harpe," this article discusses Le Sueur's travels up the Minnesota River in the early eighteenth century, focusing on interactions with American Indians and on mining operations along the Blue Earth River.

A Management Proposal for the Minnesota River (Franklin to Le Sueur)

Rivers Section, Bureau of Engineering and Division of Waters- Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
This management proposal was prepared as a precursor to a Wild and Scenic River designation for the segment of proposal includes discussion of management methods (zoning, recreation management, and land acquisition), proposed state regulations for the river segment, and recommendations for additional actions beyond the Wild and Scenic Rivers program. Management maps of the river segment are included.
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