Chaska History

Chaska: A Minnesota River City (Volume II: 1900-1950)

Barac, LaVonne E
This second of two volumes on the history of the Minnesota River town of Chaska presents information covering the years 1900 through 1950. Topics discussed include education, industry and businesses, city politics, and river flooding. Excerpts from local newspapers and historical photographs are included.

Chaska: A Minnesota River City (Volume I: The 1800s)

Barac, LaVonne E
This history of the Minnesota River town of Chaska was based primarily on early Chaska newspapers. Volume I covers historical information from before Chaska's founding in the 1850s through 1899, with chapters organized by decade. The author provides information on evidence of early habitation, Dakota Indians, and exploration of the area prior to the 1850s. topics including the formation of the town significant individuals in its history, major buildings, and transportation (roads, stage coach, ferry, steamboat, and railroads) are discussed.
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