Advanced Search: The Minnesota Water Research Digital Library is a searchable inventory of water research in, near or relevant to Minnesota, with an emphasis on publications from 2000 forward.

Title Author Publication Date Publishersort ascending Location Keywords Source
Aerial Photography Methodology MRAP Level IV-Land Use Berg, D 1992
MRAP land use land III SWCD methodology Mueller , Mary 1991
Henderson : Then and Now; 185201994
Small Community Wastewater Needs in Minnesota MPCA 2008
Minnesota State Parks Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2009
Minnesotans and their Mississippi River: a citizen's review of Minnesota's Mississippi River envrionments Replinger, Jean Sanford 1974
The urban environmnet: Minneapolis-St. Paul indicators Environmental Protection Agency 2003
Nature Snapshots Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2009
Final internship report: United States Army Corps of Engineers and City of Mankato, Minnesota Czarzasty, John L 1986
Estimated plan and profile with cross sections of DMandE railroad: Mankato South route Blue Earth County Highway Dept 2000
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Natural Resources Conservation Service 2009
Minnesota Statistics National Agricultural Statistic Service 2005
Citizen Monitoring Program website MPCA 2008
Protecting America's Wetlands: A Fair, Flexible, and Effective Approach White House Office on Envrionmental Policy 1993
Washington , DC
Floods and Droughts: Minnesota National Water Summary 1990
Minnesota Frog and Toad Calling Survey (MFTCS) Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2009
Stone Lake State Park Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 2009
Wetland Water Quality Functions: Literature Review and considerations for Wetland Restoration/Creation in the Minnesota River Basin C. Cain, B.J. 1994
Glacial story of Minnesota River Valley Apitz, Darrel F 1975
Acetochlor Surface Water Quality Impairments Minnesota Department of Agriulture 2009