Upper Minnesota River Comprehensive Basin Study

Upper Minnesota River Comprehensive Basin Study
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Upper Minnesota River Basin Coordinating Committee
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The Upper Mississippi River Comprehensive Basin Study is a nine volume publication. These volumes investigate the status of water and land resources within the Upper Mississippi River Basin. The first of these volumes is the main report. This selection gives a general synopsis of what the study determined. The remaining eight volumes contain appendixes with the following subjects: History of Investigation.  Aesthetic and Cultural Values. Climatology and Meterology. Surface Water Hydrology. Ground Water and Geology. Mineral Resources. Fluvial Sediment. Water Supply and Quality Control. Flood Control. Navigation. Recreation. Fish and Wildlife. Power. Agriculture. State and Federal Water Laws. Economic Base Study and Projections. Framework for Development. The final conclusion of the study is that the Upper Mississippi River Basin has simple resources and those resources must be responsibly developed if it is to retain its relative position within the national economy. 
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