Yellow Medicine River - Minnesota River Confluence

To navigate through the following 360 Degree Panoramics, do the following:

  • Click and hold down the mouse button to "grab" the image. Then slide the mouse left or right, up or down to move the image.
  • Another way to move the image is to bring your cursor to either edge of the picture. The hand will change to an arrow. Click and hold down the mouse button to move the image.
  • To zoom in, use the Shift key. To zoom out, use the Control key. (On Macintoshes using earlier versions of the QuickTime Software, the 'option' key zooms in and the 'control' key zooms out.)

Confluence of Yellow Medicine River and Minnesota River - From Sandbar - August 2008

To view the QuickTime VR image, click and hold down your mouse button and drag your cursor left or right to view the entire picture.