Fish Photos

Beneath the often dark and muddy waters of the Minnesota River swim a great variety of fish from huge catfish (153 pound record!) to tiny baitfish to rare native fish like the paddlefish. A recent MDNR fish survey* found 70 fish species representing 18 families in the Minnesota River.

Catfish Derby Winner
Photo: Ron Bolduan
Polyodon spathula
Photo: Konrad Schmidt
Gizzard shad
Dorosoma cepdianum
Photo: Konrad Schmidt

Freshwater Drum
Aplodinotus grunniens
Photo: Konrad Schmidt

Carp (exotic species)
Cyprinus carpio
Photo: Konrad Schmidt

Channel catfish
Ictalurus punctatus
Photo: Konrad Schmidt
Northern pike
Esox lucius
Photo: Konrad Schmidt
Flathead catfish
Pylodictis olivaris
Photo: Konrad Schmidt
Blue sucker
Cycleptus elongatus
Photo: Konrad Schmidt
Emerald shiner
Notropis atherinoides
Photo: USGS

Shortnose gar
Lepisosteus platostomus
Photo: USGS

Images courtesy of 1) the The Fishes of Minnesota Andrew M. Simons, Curator; Jay T. Hatch, Associate Curator; Konrad Schmidt, Volunteer Curatorial Assistant and 2) United States Geological Survey - Upper Mississippi Fish Species Picture Album

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