Fort Snelling

The First and Last Journeys of Thoreau: Lately Discovered Among His Unpublished Journals and Manuscripts

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin
This second of two volumes deals with Henry Thoreau's journey to Minnesota from May to July of 1861, the "last journey" before his death. His His travels included a voyage up and down the Minnesota River from Fort Snelling to the Lower Sioux Agency. The accounts include descriptions of Fort Snelling, the river and its valley, trees and flowers, birds and snakes, wild rice, steamboat navigation, and the Indians at the agency.

A Plan for Recreational Trails in the Minnesota River Valley

Itasca Engineering, Inc.
This preliminary engineering feasibility report for a system of recreational trails in the Minnesota River Valley from Fort Snelling to Le Sueur. Following a brief summary of considerations and a description of phases of trail development, the report consists of a series of river maps depicting the following: land use, recreational facilities s and historical units, land values and flood plain, and phases I-VI of trail development.


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