entrance to park

Rock outcrops near the park entrance tell the tale of a long and interesting geologic history. The thickly forested area along the creek is habitat for an array of plants and animals. Nature enthusiasts and birders enjoy the abundant bird and wildlife populations. An extensive bird list for the park was compiled by Dr. Merrill Frydendall and the Mankato Birding Club. For more birding information, visit the Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail. There are many rare features in the park. You might catch a glimpse of the Acadian Flycatcher or the Yellow Sandshell Mussel.

Other park amenities include a boat landing to the Minnesota River, three shelters and numerous picnic areas, playground equipment, 2 volleyball courts and ball diamond, as well as restrooms and running water. Created in 1967, the park hosts over 150,000 visitors annually (park history).

You can also see a water quality monitoring site within the park. Monitoring Site #3 is located just beyond the first shelter as you enter the west side of the park (park map). Next

Jordan Sandstone Outcrop
500,000,000 years old
Columbine - one of many beautiful spring flowers
wild turkey
monitoring site Monitoring site #3 located
within the park.
rain gage A rain gage is also
located at this site.
The park is a great birding area and wild turkey release site. In the early 1980s Minnesota partridge were traded for New York State wild turkeys and released in the park.
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