The Seven Mile Creek Watershed Project is a comprehensive program to provide financial and technical incentives to landowners and farmers to restore wetlands, improve tile intakes, plant buffer strips, improve fertilizer management, and to upgrade failing septic systems.

Seven Mile Creek Watershed managers are working with landowners and farmers to help them make their property and land use practices "watershed friendly" by enrolling some of their land into conservation programs.

Two very popular programs used to help protect and enhance water quality are the Filter Strip Program and the Farmable Wetlands Program through the Conservation Reserve Program. Planting vegetation along drainage ditches and restoring wetlands helps to filter pollutants such as nitrates before they reach Seven Mile Creek.

Learn more about Best Management Practices (BMPs), the Impact of Land Use on Water Quality, the affects of BMPS, or choosing a BMP. Next

grassed waterway
Grassed waterway
farming to edge of ditch
filter strip
  Farming to the edge of a ditch   Filter strip along ditch to filter pollutants
wetland remnant restored wetland  
  Wetland remnant Restored wetland      
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