Although there are many sources of excess nutrients and bacteria in the watershed, outdated septic systems are one of the water quality concerns. The majority of homes in the watershed could have failing septic systems (residential location map). Of the homes on the residential location map, Nicollet County Environmental Services staff estimate that approximately 70% of the homes could potentially be discharging sewage into tiles, drainage ditches, and eventually Seven Mile Creek.

To remedy this problem, low interest loans are available to landowners for septic system improvements. The Seven Mile Creek Watershed Project can assist homeowners by providing loans through Minnesota's revolving loan program. The Seven Mile Creek Clean Water Partnership program has $550,000 available to watershed residents. This amount should cover the cost of most of the systems in the watershed. Contact Nicollet County Environmental Services at 507-931-6800 for more information.

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septic diagram
Residential septic system diagram
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Bacteria levels are generally moderate to high throughout the summer and can pose a public heath risk.
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