Minnesota River

The photo above shows the eastern portion of Seven Mile Creek Park where you can see where Seven Mile Creek (right) flows into the Minnesota River (left). If you enlarge the photo, you can actually see the sediment in the water carried down Seven Mile Creek into the Minnesota River. (The photo was taken after a rain).

Although our tour of Seven Mile Creek Watershed ends here, the water continues to flow down the Minnesota River, joins the Mississippi River near St. Paul, and ultimately drains into the Gulf of Mexico (maps). We hope you enjoyed the tour and can get involved or set out to explore this scenic watershed on your own.

Many organizations and individuals are working across the watershed to protect and enhance Seven Mile Creek. There are many things that can be done. If you would like to learn more or get involved, contact Brown Nicollet Cottonwood Project Coordinator Kevin Kuehner at 507-934-4140 or via e-mail at <kuehnbnc@hickorytech.net>.

Want to learn more about projects in the Seven Mile Creek Watershed? Visit the Brown Nicollet Cottonwood Water Quality Board website.

Want to learn more about the Minnesota River Basin?
Visit the Minnesota River Basin Data Center website.

Virtual Tour Credits.

View looking down Seven Mile Creek
towards the Minnesota River
Volunteer Blake Honetschlagger and family
stand near the kiosk that he contructed
for the watershed project and park
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