As part of the Little Cottonwood River Watershed Restoration Project, water quality has been monitored at four locations in the watershed since 1996 (monitoring sites map). This data is used to target locations for conservation practices and to track water quality improvements over time. Tests for nitrate, phosphorus, fecal coliform, E. Coli bacteria, suspended sediments, and other contaminants are conducted each year, from April through September.

The photos on this page show some of the monitoring sites in the watershed. (Click on the images for details).

The graph below shows the concentration of nitrates, over time, at Monitoring Site #4, at the mouth of the watershed.

For more water quality information, see the water quality overview or the more detailed data summary on the Brown Nicollet Cottonwood Water Quality Board web page. Next

monitoring site #1
Water quality monitoring site #1
View looking west, upstream

monitoring site #2
Water quality monitoring site #2
monitoring site #3

Water quality monitoring site #3
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