Although many sources of excess nutrients and bacteria are present in the Little Cottonwood River Watershed, outdated septic systems are a major water quality concern. Many homes may have failing septic systems and could potentially be discharging sewage into tiles, drainage ditches, and eventually the Little Cottonwood River.

To remedy this problem, low interest loans (3.5 percent) are available to landowners for septic system improvements, through Minnesota's revolving loan program and the Little Cottonwood River Watershed Project.

The Little Cottonwood River Clean Water Partnership received $150,000 in loan money, earmarked specifically for the septic systems of watershed residents in Brown and Cottonwood Counties. Interested residents in Brown County should contact the Planning and Zoning office at 507-233-6640. Cottonwood County residents should contact Cottonwood County at 507-831-2060.

Learn more about why failing septic systems are a concern in the Little Cottonwood River Watershed, as well as in the Seven Mile Creek Watershed. Next

septic diagram
Residential septic system diagram
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Elevated bacteria levels from failing septics and other sources can pose a risk to human health


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