State of the Minnesota River: Summary of Water Quality Monitoring  2000-05

State of the Minnesota River:
Summary of Surface Water Quality
Monitoring 2000-2008

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Water-quality data have been collected throughout the Minnesota River Basin during the past 30 years, but focused attention was placed on water quality issues when the Minnesota River Assessment Project, a comprehensive study conducted 1989-94, concluded that the Minnesota River was impaired by excessive nutrient and sediment concentrations. Previous studies had found that the river did not meet standards for bacteria, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and ammonia. Subsequent to those findings, considerable attention and support have been given to clean up efforts. In recent years, there have been substantial improvements in point source pollution control as well as continued adoption of conservation and best-management practices to reduce non-point source pollution within the Minnesota River Basin.

This report presents selected results from water quality monitoring at four mainstem Minnesota River locations and fourteen outlets of major tributary streams (streams draining watersheds greater than 100,000 acres). The information represents results from more than 4,000 water-quality samples collected from 2000-08. This Report highlights findings regarding excessive sediment, nutrient enrichment, and environmental health concerns documented in the Minnesota River Basin. It serves as a companion document to the State of the Minnesota River, Water Quality Summary 2000 to 2008 pamphlet.

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