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Meeting minutes will stay up for approximately six months, after that, you may contact an executive member of the board if you need minutes from a later meeting.

Full Board

-Draft MRB Minutes - Feb 24, 2014

-MRB Minutes - December 16, 2013
-Formal Testimony - December 16, 2013

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Executive Committee
There are no recent executive committee minutes at this time.

The current resolutions are not available at this moment. Contact a member of the Minnesota River Board if you are in need of the resolutions.

cac recommendations
Minnesota River Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) was an influential organization formed in 1992. The committee consisted of 30 nominated individuals from various backgrounds, including farmers, business leaders, and environmentalists. Their ultimate goal is defined in their mission statement: "The Citizens' Advisory Committee shall develop a set of recommendations for improving water quality, biodiversity, and the natural beauty of the Minnesota River."

CAC Goals
Before devising their action plan, the committee heard testimony from environmental professionals and identified key issues concerning the Minnesota River's problems. In 1994, the committee released the report, Working Together: A Plan to Restore the Minnesota River. The action plan details all areas that must be addressed in order for the health of the Minnesota River to improve.

CAC Action Plan
-Restore floodplains and riparian areas.
-Restore Wetlands.
-Manage drainage ditches and storm sewers as tributaries.
-Improve land management practices.
-Monitor water quality throughout the Minnesota River Basin.
-Establish a “Minnesota River Commission" to oversee effort.
-Establish local joint powers agreements.
-Improve technical assistance to local governments.
-Engage the general public.
-Enforce existing laws.

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