Take a Watershed Tour
Take a virtual tour of the Seven Mile Creek, Little Cottonwood River Watersheds or the Minnesota River.
Seven Mile Creek Watershed Virtual Tour
Little Cottonwood River Watershed Virtual Tour

Minnesota River Virtual Tour

Children's Water Festival
Children's Water Festival Overview


Some State & Federal Resources
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Surf your watershed -

EPA's Water Kid's Stuff -

EPA's Drinking Water Kid's Stuff -

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency -

MPCA Kid's Page -

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources -

Historic Sites - Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota River Basin
Minnesota River Basin Data Center -

Minnesota River Basin Overview -

Montevideo High School students journey down the Minnesota River

Joseph R. Brown (JRB) Minnesota River Center

Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway Site

Minnesota River Canoe Route

Photo Journey - Explore the Basin - Nature Photographer Ron Bolduan's site

Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail

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