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Upper Cannon River Assessment Project
The Upper Cannon River Assessment Project is a diagnostic project in the headwaters of the Cannon River Watershed. The Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) is assisting with sample collection, outreach, education, and project coordination.

Five stream sites were sampled May – October for total phosphorus, orthophosphorus, total kjeldahl nitrogen, nitrate-nitrogen, E. coli, biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids, turbidity, water temperature, water level and flow. A total of 112 samples were collected during 22 sampling events in 2007. Macroinvertebrate samples were collected at 3 sites in May and September 2007.

Seven lakes were sampled twice per month May – September for total phosphorus, Chlorophyll a, and Secchi depth. The project will continue through 2009. LeSueur County Environmental Services received a Clean Water Partnership grant from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to fund the study. This website was created as part of the Upper Cannon River Assessment Project.

Upper Cannon River Watershed: Overview of Water Quality Results 2007-2008. Lucas Bistodeau, Cannon River Watershed Partnership. March 2009. (pdf 423k)

Phosphorus Source Assessment of the Roberds Lake Watershed. Elizabeth Croteau-Kallestad, Cannon River Watershed Partnership. December 2007. (pdf 2.70 mb)

Lake Monitoring Results for Gorman, Rice, Sabre, Shields, Lower Sakatah, Upper Sakatah, and Tetonka Lakes, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, 2007. Steve McComas, Blue Water Science. February 2008. (pdf 1.42 mb)

For a list of projects in the Cannon River Watershed, see: http://www.crwp.net/projects.html

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