Upper Cannon River Watershed



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Field Type Field Type: GREEN
Manured, with open intakes

Green 1: 3.7 acre drainage area, with open intakes
80 foot tile spacing
15" outet (below ravine)
Swine Manure

Green 2: 65.5 Acre drainage area, with open intakes
80-100 foot tile spacing
4" tile to 8" sub mains perforated plastic
Swine Mnaure

Green 3: Drainage Area?, with open intakes
60-foot tile spacing, some 80-100 as well
4", 6", 8" tilesperforated plastic
Swine Manure

Green 4: 42.8 Acre drainage area with open intakes
4 main lines
8-foot main, 5" and 6" laterals cement perforated plastic
Chicken Manure


green field

Spring Snowmelt:

Summer Baseflow:

Storm Event:

green photo 2

green photo of car in flood




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